I decided to hire a lawn company

With all the extra photo/video work I have been doing I have had zero time to work on my lawn and property.

So I decided to hire a lawn care company in Tampa. They ended up being a lawn treatment company although they had a lawn trimming company they used as well.

I was at first thinking how I really didn’t need my lawn to be green and pristine but they had a 50% off special so I figured why not.

In the 3 months that followed I was really impressed with the lawn and how healthy it got. I guess I do have some vanity and needed a little push.

I thought this video they created was great too so I will share it here.

If you need to get that lawn green just hit these guys up.

Sailing the High Seas

I had the opportunity to offer my video and photo services to a family who were quite wealthy.

In fact they did a yacht charter in Miami for the whole family! I was invited to join and capture the whole week while we sailed the Caribbean Islands.

First this was like a dream come true. I mean how often do you get to do something like this? Plus I was capturing photos while on the water. Talk about easy background photos!

Video was a little hard to keep steady obviously but considering where we were it was understandable.

We first made out way to the Bahamas. Spent an afternoon there and then cruised off to St. Thomas. The weather was just amazing too. We wanted to hit other areas but they decided to just cruise the ocean and enjoy each other’s company on the yacht.

This yacht was 80′ feet long. It had more room than my house! Plenty of sleeping quarters and lounge areas. It felt great to go swimming off the yacht and then get sun on the deck. Plus you could take a shower and be ready for dinner. It was just an awesome experience.

Soon I will post pictures of the trip!

Taking Pictures

So I recently was hanging out with my friend and he was talking about his site not having quality pictures on it. It is obvious when you have a site that people can get turned off by the sight of pictures that have bad lighting and fuzzy pixels.

So I told him that of course I could take pictures for him and we could update those photos no problem! He has a limo business and his photos are mainly his limos and vehicles.

You can check them out here at www.greatertampabaylimo.com and see what you think.

In the end it is important to maintain your website and make sure the content is fresh and the photos are good looking too. You just never know the business you may lose as a result.



What is your shot?

What is the picture you like to take?

Black and white?

Color? Sequia?  Wide angle?  Indoors or outdoors?

The answer is probably depends on what the environment calls for at the present time. You obvious;y can’t do black and white when you want to show the new paint on the wall. ‘

The beauty of being able to take a photo the way you want to take it is largely a new concept. I was talking to my daughter the other day and she was wondering if we had phones like today when she was little. We did but the options were very limited and it was limited space too. After 25 pictures you had to either send them to your computer or delete so you could take more.

The purist will say all day long that the best way to capture a photo is with a old fashioned camera. Can you even buy those anymore?

There is a certain romantic side to that of course. A nostalgia of sorts of a bygone era.

Well it is a new age these days. Camera technology has become far advanced and the options are almost too vast.

So in the end it is up to you to decide how you wanna get it done. Keep snapping away though and capture those rare and spontaneous moments you don’t want to forget.

Ready For Action!

Hey everyone!

Getting excited to launch this off and talk about Photos and Videos.

One thing is for certain that with the advance of cell phones having the amazing capability of capturing dazzling photos and videos, we have all become “experts” in a way.

But there are purist who like either the old 35 mm cameras and creating their own lighting styles and customization. I say everyone can move in the way they will see fit. I mean a 35 mm will not be able to capture those spontaneous moments like a cell phone can. But a cell phone is limited with the customization………for now.

I have noticed in my own life as I snap away one picture after the next, is that the more we try to capture every moment the more we are missing in the real world. I have a hard drive full of pictures that will never be organized. We are all just too busy snapping and recording away.

In the future I will continue to add content based on my thinking of photographs and videos and I hope you find it enjoyable and interesting.

Till then!