Ready For Action!

Hey everyone!

Getting excited to launch this off and talk about Photos and Videos.

One thing is for certain that with the advance of cell phones having the amazing capability of capturing dazzling photos and videos, we have all become “experts” in a way.

But there are purist who like either the old 35 mm cameras and creating their own lighting styles and customization. I say everyone can move in the way they will see fit. I mean a 35 mm will not be able to capture those spontaneous moments like a cell phone can. But a cell phone is limited with the customization………for now.

I have noticed in my own life as I snap away one picture after the next, is that the more we try to capture every moment the more we are missing in the real world. I have a hard drive full of pictures that will never be organized. We are all just too busy snapping and recording away.

In the future I will continue to add content based on my thinking of photographs and videos and I hope you find it enjoyable and interesting.

Till then!

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