What is your shot?

What is the picture you like to take?

Black and white?

Color? Sequia?  Wide angle?  Indoors or outdoors?

The answer is probably depends on what the environment calls for at the present time. You obvious;y can’t do black and white when you want to show the new paint on the wall. ‘

The beauty of being able to take a photo the way you want to take it is largely a new concept. I was talking to my daughter the other day and she was wondering if we had phones like today when she was little. We did but the options were very limited and it was limited space too. After 25 pictures you had to either send them to your computer or delete so you could take more.

The purist will say all day long that the best way to capture a photo is with a old fashioned camera. Can you even buy those anymore?

There is a certain romantic side to that of course. A nostalgia of sorts of a bygone era.

Well it is a new age these days. Camera technology has become far advanced and the options are almost too vast.

So in the end it is up to you to decide how you wanna get it done. Keep snapping away though and capture those rare and spontaneous moments you don’t want to forget.

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