Sailing the High Seas

I had the opportunity to offer my video and photo services to a family who were quite wealthy.

In fact they did a yacht charter in Miami for the whole family! I was invited to join and capture the whole week while we sailed the Caribbean Islands.

First this was like a dream come true. I mean how often do you get to do something like this? Plus I was capturing photos while on the water. Talk about easy background photos!

Video was a little hard to keep steady obviously but considering where we were it was understandable.

We first made out way to the Bahamas. Spent an afternoon there and then cruised off to St. Thomas. The weather was just amazing too. We wanted to hit other areas but they decided to just cruise the ocean and enjoy each other’s company on the yacht.

This yacht was 80′ feet long. It had more room than my house! Plenty of sleeping quarters and lounge areas. It felt great to go swimming off the yacht and then get sun on the deck. Plus you could take a shower and be ready for dinner. It was just an awesome experience.

Soon I will post pictures of the trip!